2020 Rewind, What was I Going to do this Year?

This time last year I sat down, and with confidence, made some kick ass goals for 2020; and as the ball dropped to bring in the new year, I was filled with excitement because I just knew that THIS year, was MY year. How many of you said that exact same thing?

January and February went by and I was making progress, I scheduled out time in my calendar to work on my goals and I was feeling pretty great about them. And then March came. Do you think there will ever be a time in history from this point forward that we forget what happened in March of 2020? Coronavirus. COVID-19. Fear. Confusion. Isolation. Sanitation. Our lives completely changed. Oh, but we still thought this was going to be a temporary thing! So we sacrificed our freedoms, stayed in our homes, washed our hands with soap and sanitizer so much we thought our skin would melt away, and became socially and physically distant from everyone and everything we knew.

Me and Britt had spent the first week of March at Hard Rock Riviera Maya (little did we know it would be our last taste of “normal” for a very, very long time), and on the last day of that trip the fear began to creep into everyone’s conversations around us. Living in Mexico, a lot of times we are out of the loop (well, I am for sure, Britt keeps up with it and tells me the “important stuff”) with what is going on in the news in the USA, so we weren’t too concerned in the beginning.

But as you know, things quickly deteriorated from there and we started asking questions about what was going to happen with our lives, living in Mexico but working in the USA. Were we going to be quarantined in Mexico and not be able to travel back and forth to the USA? Would we get stuck in the USA on a work trip and not be able to come back home to Mexico? Would the airlines even fly back and forth from the USA to Mexico? What about our daughter in college in Louisiana? Or our son in school in Mexico?

So many questions and ZERO answers.

Of course, we still don’t really have answers to all of the questions, and sometimes the answers we got just led to more questions. But life sure did get interesting after March 15th around here. And by interesting, I mean, a strange and dream like reality where we felt like we were living in an apocalypse movie most days. (More about being Quarantined in Paradise in the next blog article!)

But let’s circle back to all of my kick ass 2020 goals.

  1. Have a date weekend with my husband every month
  2. Have an Explore Day in Playa del Carmen and Tulum every month
  3. Learn to speak Spanish fluently
  4. Lose 10 pounds
  5. Some financial goals I wanted to reach
  6. Some business goals I wanted to reach

What happened to them? Did the collapse of the world stop me from achieving them? Well, to be honest, I really figured it would have, but I actually reached all of them except one. Which one didn’t I get to?… well, speaking Spanish fluently, of course. (somehow that always gets pushed back to make room for “other” things!)

But hey, there is always 2021! So here is to creating even bigger, more badass goals for 2021. Who’s with me?

One Reply to “2020 Rewind, What was I Going to do this Year?”

  1. After cancelling many vacations and traveling, I for one am ready to kick 2020 in the butt and get going with 2021.


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