Finishing 2020 with a Bang!

When you live on the beach, in Mexico, where it still feels like summer, and you are away from your family, Christmas time can feel a little “weird”. Shopping comes from Amazon (of course, in 2020 I think all Christmas shopping came from Amazon!), Christmas trees become palm trees, and those cute winter boots never come out of the closet (if you even brought them with you when you moved) and you run around barefoot. It just doesn’t “feel” like Christmas.

Add to that, that most years your husband is working and it’s just you and the kids staring at each other. Staring, because the older they get, their presents come wrapped in one box (not many) and are usually small (not the hours of tearing wrapping paper open like when they were little). And the family you have back in the states, well, something was shipped to them so you don’t even get to see them open it.

Of course, we have our traditions. The Santa Clause movies, on the 22nd, 23rd, and finishing on the 24th. And yes, we still watch Elf every year. And we still make cookies. Although there was a time where we cooked Christmas goodies for weeks filling up the entire kitchen and then spent days delivering them to friends and family (we tried that when we first moved, but our kitchen is just way too small and the ingredients are just way too hard to find).

So a few years ago, we decided that we would just travel for Christmas. The kids and me went to Florida and spent Christmas at Universal, using our very best Harry Potter accent and Hogwarts behavior. Then the next year we stayed in Mexico and went to Hard Rock Riviera Maya (our home away from home). And then this year – YAY – Britt was going to be home for Christmas! And honestly, we were planning on staying home right up until the week before Christmas, you know, when weren’t feeling the “Christmas Spirit” over here in the sand, and we decided to go back to Hard Rock Riviera Maya.

But this year I got to bring along MY Christmas present, a new GoPro Hero 9! I have a love/hate relationship with my GoPro you see. I LOVE making videos, I actually spent 8 hours today editing the above video and loved every minute of it. But I HATE looking like a tourist carrying it around all the time! But, if I was going to be true to what I knew was going to be my New Year’s Resolution, which was to up-level my social media content, I was going to have to start carrying it around with me and the heck to what anyone thought. (it was actually pretty funny… to grab my Instagram, TikTok, and SnapChat videos, I had to carry around my phone, since they needed to be on Portrait Mode… and to grab the footage for YouTube, I had to create another set of videos on the GoPro)

Well, as you can see in the video, we had a great time. Maybe next year the rest of the family can join us. Missing two of your kids and your parents makes for only a partially full Christmas season.

Hope you enjoy following our adventures! (because, as stated above, my goal is to up-level this year!)

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