2020 Rewind, Quarantined in Paradise (Part Five)

It was a week before Thanksgiving and Britt was getting ready to go back to work, and as he was packing, he was asking what me and CJ were going to do for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving? In Mexico? There is no such holiday here, CJ still has school and I’m not cooking a turkey just for us, so I guess we are doing nothing, I said. But as I said it, I suddenly thought – why not get my oldest daughter on a plane and fly her down for the week?

So, we jumped on Facetime and asked if she had plans, nope, she didn’t, so we grabbed a ticket from United and made plans for her to be here in four days. You know, sometimes those are the best trips. The unplanned ones that just fall together last minute. And with that, Madison was coming to visit for Thanksgiving.

Now, technically we are still on “lock down” in quarantine, but in the last month or so there has been SO many tourists coming in! That quiet, lost paradise that was here during the real lock down is gone and it is replaced with hordes of people trying to escape the lock down in the states. (which is, I’m sure why here in Mexico we officially went back on lock down December 16th). But that’s jumping ahead, right now I want to talk about our Thanksgiving here!

As I was saying, we are technically still on “lock down”, but almost everywhere is open, so it was a great time for her to come visit and to get to experience all the wonders of the Riviera Maya. Now, we didn’t get around to many of those “wonders” because we were so busy being silly, taking pictures, drinking, visiting, and relaxing on the beach or in the pools! (just jump over to A Day in the Life of theJenVenture project to see some of our silly TikToks).

Madison had never been here by herself, and she had never been here when it was only me and CJ here, so I definitely cherished our time we got to spend together. It’s been five years since she lived at home and recently she moved from Louisiana to Denver, so I didn’t even get to see her when I made my escape from quarantine in August. It had actually been OVER a year since I got to see her and hold her and enjoy her company.

Now, of course, I still had to work the beginning of Thanksgiving week when she got here, so she got to spend a few days alone soaking in the sun on the beach across the street while I carried my laptop around and worked remotely from my favorite beach bar. (Catch the blog later when I write about “Working from Paradise”). She didn’t mind though, she was excited to get out of the snow in Denver and dip her toes in the Caribbean waters!

But then Thanksgiving came, and I had two days off of work, so we headed to Playa del Carmen for something a little less laid back. Daytime roof top pool clubs, afternoons on the beach, evenings out to dinner with friends, and nighttime’s full of dancing. (Don’t worry, I’ll catch you up with some great sample itineraries and places to go in my future blogs)

But as with it goes with every vacation (unless you are like me and decide to move in full time to your vacation destination), it had to come to an end and she left to go back to Colorado leaving each of us with new Thanksgiving Sunshine memories!

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