2020 Rewind, Quarantined in Paradise (Part Four)

With Britt taking a vacation week and being able to come back to Mexico with us at the end of August, things were starting to feel “normal” again.

Yes, we were still wearing masks (I’m thinking that may be the new permanent thing? Like at some point in time people probably didn’t wear shirts, and then it became a thing that they had to cover up – is that going to be what happens with masks too? It will just be what we do, cover our faces?). We were still getting our temperature checked to go into any establishment. We still were going through gallons of hand sanitizer. But with Britt back by my side, this was starting to feel like the new normal.

Places were open, we could go to a resort, go out to eat, go to the beach bars, and go out to night clubs with our friends. It almost looked like this COVID thing was reaching it’s end (of course, that may be why we are now hitting our second wave of it, because everyone relaxed and thought it was over, but more about that in future blogs).

So, we went to Unico Resort for a couple of days. We went sailing. We went to rooftop pool clubs. We went out for drinks. We were making up for lost time and having a great time doing it. I’ll write all about these places in the Travel Guide coming up soon. I finally had my husband, my best friend, back and I was taking advantage of it!

We also celebrated my birthday – which is an undisclosed age – and Britt got me the best birthday present ever! A six month apartment rental in Playa del Carmen. Yeah, I know, why do we need two places? Well, Playa del Carmen is about 40 minutes away, which isn’t a long way GOING there, but it is a heck of a long way coming BACK from there, especially at night, and especially after dinner and drinks! I’ll write all about it in my Busy People Life Hacks coming up soon. But having an apartment there was part of life returning to normal. Part of accomplishing my 2020 goals of exploring the places around us and spending date weekends with Britt. It was the perfect birthday gift. Or maybe he is just the perfect husband, who knows 😉

I’d like to say we are almost at a wrap on the Quarantined in Paradise series, but as things go back into lock down, I’m not sure that I can. But at least I can say it’s almost a wrap on the 2020 rewind portion of the series!

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