Christmas 2019 at Hard Rock Riviera Maya

Part of living in Paradise is trying to find a new piece of Paradise. For example, for most people a vacation in Riviera Maya takes planning, saving, and executing precious time off from work. For me it takes driving across the street to have lunch at my favorite beach bar. So when my youngest daughter was in town over the semester break for Christmas we struggled trying to decide what to do each day, especially for the “big” day, Christmas Day. Luckily we are members at the Hard Rock resorts in Mexico, so after a quick call to my reservation agent we got a room for two nights at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. It was going to be my first Christmas staying at Hard Rock and I was excited that we found a new way to enjoy our piece of Paradise. And then when I packed the GoPro I realized that we were officially going on a “vacation”, which doesn’t happen much anymore when you live in a vacation 24/7. I’m glad I did, we got to experience the resort “like a tourist” taking tons of pictures and videos, laughing, posing, drinking, swimming, and dancing. I also learned that you don’t have to travel far to get into vacation-mode, sometimes it is just simply deciding that you are going to relax enough to look a little silly and capture it all on GoPro!

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