CJ School Chronicles… His first day of school in Mexico!


I dropped CJ off at school this morning at 7:15am. It’s been a long time since I’ve been that nervous after dropping him off at school! All day wondering what he was doing, could he understand what they were saying – or was it all in Spanish, did he like the food, was he having fun, was he making friends, question after question all day long. It was almost torture waiting till 2:30pm to get answers to my questions!

When pick up time rolled around, I eagerly got in the Jeep to go get him, only to realize when I got there I had no idea where I was suppose to be. Funny how him being in school suddenly makes me nervous. I eventually found a place to park and just followed all the other parents walking around. I made it to the front of the school and there he was, I was seconds away from getting answers to my questions!


But I was speechless for a moment. None of those questions came out. All I could think of was this smile, his happiness, and everything that I had been through to get him there, and I knew with absolute certainty that it was worth every single tear, struggle, to-do list, places I had to go and things I had to do.

Then the second was over and I started with a stream of questions. Turns out, he had a pretty great day and he had a pretty great attitude about it. (we had had the “don’t be a mature, adult like person – make sure you are a kid” speech several times before school started, still a little nervous after the last go around with school)

He said that everyone spoke Spanish, but when speaking to him, they would speak English. We know this is going to be a huge hurdle, but we are prepared for lots of classes, tutors, and practice. We all believe that if you are going to live in a country, speak the language. So school might be speeding that up for us, but it’s always been our plan.

All in all, he said it was a good day. He did like the food. He said all the kids are super friendly. And he especially loved it way more than home school! Sounds like success to me. Of course, today is day one. Let’s check back after week one.


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