First day of 2021!

During the last few hours of 2020, we began discussing what we were going to do on the first day of 2021. For some silly reason, we came up with the idea that what ever we do on January 1, 2021 sets the intention of our entire year. After all, on January 1, 2020 we stayed at home and watched TV – and we all know what happened the rest of 2020! Lots and lots of staying at home watching TV. So, we figured we better go spend the first day of 2021 doing something we wanted to do lots and lots of in 2021. So, the solution was go to the beach!

And of course, being the genius multi-taskers that we are (lol), we needed a place to take lots of pictures for all of our various social media feeds at the same time. So Camryn and I decided on Caleta Tankah in Tulum – and naturally, Britt followed along even though, honestly, after spending days at Unico and Hard Rock Riviera Maya all through the Christmas break, I think he was a little beached out! But being the perfect husband and Dad that he is, he loaded us up in the Jeep and took us to Tulum.

Caleta Tankah is unique in that you get three different places to explore and enjoy. The beach area is huge, with lots of sandy areas, waves, and you can play in the Caribbean. The waves tend to be larger in this area because you don’t have a reef close by breaking them up before they reach the shore. But the best water, in my opinion, is the Caleta! It’s a natural pool formed by the erosion generated by the waves, where the fresh water of the underground rivers meets the salt water of the sea. It’s always cold, which is great in the summer, it’s always sargassum free, and it’s always crystal clear – like pool water clear. And then lastly, the Cenote. A cenote is basically a natural sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of surrounding limestone bedrock that exposes the underground river. It’s filled with refreshing, clean, fresh water and the mineral content in the water feels wonderful on your skin!

So lots of variety for relaxing, fun, and photo ops!

Caleta Tankah is a little expensive to get in. Currently 300 Mexican Pesos per person. That includes entrance to the beach, parking, beach chairs, and umbrellas. There is also a beach bar that serves a fairly decent amount of food and drinks. It’s not on our regular agenda to attend, due to the priciness of it, but for the first day of 2021, it had everything we wanted to include in our future year.

(and no, Caleta Tankah doesn’t know anything about me posting this, it isn’t endorsed or a paid advertisement, just a something fun to show you)

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