CJ School Chronicles… Moving forward and getting registered for school in Puerto Adventuras

So what do you do after you’ve been rejected and a little heart broken? (yeah, I’m talking about me, he’s already moved on)… You go find something better!

Remember school number one that we visited? The one I didn’t talk much about, because after we saw school number two we were wowed and it was all we could think about? Well, after that dreadful call (but hate to admit it – wakeup call) with the principal that said my son was too mature for his school, I called school number one back. They actually still had his name on the list, great! Because, let me tell you, at the end of March I was worried that there wouldn’t be anymore openings for him at school! But they did and we immediately set up his admissions testing to see if he would be accepted.

After our last go around with “acceptance” I made sure to get more clarification on what acceptance actually depended on. Turns out, it only depended on his test score. And you guessed my next question, what does his test score have to be to be accepted. So even more good news, it doesn’t matter! The admissions test is to just ensure he is on par with his age group and to identify any areas he may need extra assistance or tutoring in. Oh, and I had to pay for the test.

So, while he was taking the test, I settled in for a much needed break and some alone

Bamboo Cafe

time. I found a nice little coffee shop in Puerto Adventuras where I could kick back and spend some time in prayer.

Renewed and refreshed, I returned to the school to pick up CJ. They had already graded his test and said he may need tutoring in Math to catch him up to the International standards and he definitely needed Spanish tutoring. Which, of course he did, at this point he knew no Spanish!

And that was it. He was now registered and his spot secure. I can not even begin to describe the weight that was lifted off my shoulders. I think as parents, we are always fearful that we will fail our children and here we were… we had just moved him to a new country, he hated the home school work he was doing, and he was surrounded by no one his age, and we had been rejected from the one school we tried to enroll him at. That’s pretty close to a fail in my book. And this. This was a WIN. A win I desperately needed, and I’m sure he did too.


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