Yes, BIG changes have been happening!

For those of you who have been keeping track of our social media I’m sure you’ve noticed a lack of Louisiana and an abundance of Mexico. That isn’t because we’ve decided to only post vacation pictures from now on, it is because we’ve been busy becoming Temporary Residents of Mexico!

If you’ve been reading our blog, you know we started out wanting to live-aboard on a sailboat, that is until we realized we didn’t know how to sail. Oops. Living on a beach, well, that we did know how to do!

Last March we found the perfect place. The perfect community. The perfect house. We fell in love with WHO WE WERE when we were there. It became home. Of course, we thought it wouldn’t be home for about five more years, but you know what they say when you put your mind to something, well, you make it happen. And for us, it happened like a whirlwind! A short 10 months after that and here we are. In the Riviera Maya. In Mexico. In Paradise.

We haven’t ran away. We haven’t abandoned our responsibilities. We haven’t turned into beach bums with no concerns in the world. In fact, we are working very hard to make our two worlds and realities compatible with each other. Both Britt and myself still work, sometimes remotely and sometimes by traveling. We still check in daily with our family and friends. And we still make sure our children have excellent school experiences.  In short, we are still us. We still face the same challenges of going to the grocery store, cooking supper, and catching a show or two on Netflix. Paradise hasn’t changed who we are or what we do, just where our address happens to be.

Things move slower here. Life moves slower. You laugh more. You smile more. You enjoy more. You discover who you want to be and you strive to be better for it. You learn to love who you are here. Or maybe I’m just talking about us, like I said, the REAL reason we are moving? Simple, we love who we’ve become when we are here.

Oh… and want to keep up with us? Make sure to bookmark this blog!





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