About Jen & Britt

“My name is Jennifer. I’m ready to run away, live on a boat, and never wear more than a bikini every. single. day.”

That was me when I began this blog, this journey, in 2014.  Well, I never quite made it to the boat – but I did run away and I now live in on a beach in beautiful Akumal, Mexico wearing (as much as polite society will allow me to) a bikini every single day! Some dreams you reach, some you change, and some stay a dream. Depends on what type of person you are. What type of people are we? Well… the type that kicked our dreams right into reality and this blog is our story.

A little backstory into who Jen & Britt are…

Britt and I are both from Southwest Louisiana – born, raised, worked, married, and raised kids – Louisiana. Just regular people from a regular place. We weren’t raised as travelers, adventurers, or explorers. Actually, everything about us was just regular, status quo, American Dream until we decided to move.

We’ve been married for 18 years, have four children, one dog, and two cats. The two older children and the dog stayed behind in Louisiana and the two younger children and the cats moved to Mexico with us.

We both actively work. Britt works in the oil and gas industry, traveling back and forth to the US each month. I work in the child care industry, traveling back and forth to the US each quarter. It’s a lot of travel, but hey, when you decide to move to another country but your job and your income is still in the US, you decide quickly that you like to spend days in the airport 🙂

And that’s it. Ordinary people living extraordinary lives. We go through the same work troubles, kid troubles, aggravations, scheduling issues, and chores as everyone else, but at the end of the day we have the sand beneath our toes and the waves whispering in our ears and we know that we made the right choice and that all the “extra” we go through to make this work, well… it’s worth it.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading about our journey. If you do, feel free to share it with your friends.