About Me

Me? What an interesting topic. Interesting because until you have to stop and describe who you are, it isn’t something you ever think about. How does one go about describing who they are? If you would have asked me to describe my family – easy. If you would have asked me to describe my career – easy. If you would have asked me to describe my hubby – easy, and probably much more interesting. But me? Hmm.

My name is Jennifer. I’m ready to run away, live on a boat, and never wear more than a bikini every. single. day.

Wait, I suppose that’s not really a full introduction about me. So here goes…

I married the love of my life 15 years ago. He had a son, I had a daughter, and we have a daughter and a son. So in a household of four children you learn that life starts to revolve around them. Not that that is a bad thing, but at some point when they grow older you start to realize that life can also revolve around you and your hubby. That is where we are now. The two older kids are now adults, our daughter is 15, our son is 10. Hubby has a job that he works 2 weeks and off 2 weeks. I have a job – well, if you own the company, is it still a “job”? – anyway, I am the Executive Director of our child care centers that we own, and I can basically do my work from anywhere as long as occasionally I show up to check on them. So we’ve begun traveling, a lot. So much that I suppose you can say we are addicted to traveling. So the dream began with the thought of getting a condo in the Mexican Riviera Maya area. Then it grew to why confine ourselves to one location, let’s learn to sail, get a boat, and travel the islands. The kids really liked that idea, which sort of surprised me that they would be willing to give up a traditional education for an international education. So that idea latched on and became the idea of living aboard the sailboat. Giving up our “normal” life, selling everything, moving on to the boat of our dreams to live the life of our dreams while we were still young enough to have all of our dreams.

Currently 2015 and our journey is just beginning with the goal of reaching our dream – living on our boat, traveling the islands – within the next five years.

Wish us luck!!

A few crazy pictures of us…

IMG_0119   IMG_0804   IMG_1051   IMG_1107            IMG_1287   IMG_1295   IMG_8963   IMG_9120


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